The buckle and the patch are for those who finished the "Badwater 146mi" according to the Guidelines posted here, regardless if it was part of the AdventureCorps race or not.

( fyi , the official AdventureCorps Badwater 135mi race offers a buckle which is different than this Badwater 146 buckle)

Previous Admins were threatened with a lawsuit for "selling" a handful of buckles a year. So like our predecessor ( BBJ :-) , we will institute a minimum suggested donation of $30 for a buckle and one patch.

You can use

  1. Paypal - send it to bw146llc@gmail.com

  2. Google Pay to BW146LLC@gmail.com

  3. mail a check to Digital Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 9130, Marlborough, MA 01752-9130

    1. on the back of the check write For Deposit to BW146LLC # 5734516-2

    2. Send an email to Badwater146Admins@GoogleGroups.com so we can expect the check

Buckle Offered until 2012.