4-Proven Athletic Track Record -or- Strict Monitoring


If it becomes a Guideline, it will be for 2016

This is a new Guideline starting with 2016 and it is meant to help people that are good athletes but have no official Ultrarunning results

It will be much easier for us to look at your documentation if we know in advance more about your athletic abilities.

This Guideline is to let athletes know in advance, what we expect of them before, during and after their Badwater146 attempt

To give you an example or two, we are trying to avoid cases where somebody with no adequate athletic track record comes and says they did Badwater and they have limited amount of documentation. Or somebody with no adequate athletic track record says their GPS died half way up the trail on Mt Whitney.

This Guideline should help people prove their crossing

A BW146 candidate must satisfy one or more of these requirements, and please email us to know for sure which req. and how many of them

  1. Well before your Badwater146 attempt, submit verifiable, adequate, similar to Badwater146 and sufficient athletic abilities (e.g. FKTs, verified Long Trails hiking , official race results, ultra running, ultra biking, or adventure racing experience, Strava/Garmin/Runkeeper training logs).

  2. Be non stop accompanied/monitored/crewed by a neutral (e.g. non related) person especially from the Portal to Whitney Summit

  3. Be monitored publicly, in real time, nonstop by a GPS satellite tracker and from the Portal to the Summit have also a GPS watch. Both GPS-es must have a 10min interval for recorded points or shorter. We ask for 2 GPS-es on the mountain since the satellite trackers might fail, or fail to record points, and to make it easier to corroborate the tracks.

This does not mean that if you do not have a super athletic background , one cannot try or finish Badwater 146.

We just ask for you to find ways to be strictly monitored. For example , a satellite live GPS tracker at 2 or 2.5 minutes increments.And/Or/Plus a handheld GPS tracker at 1 min or smaller intervals. And/Or/Plus pictures . And/Or/Plus witnesses. And/Or/Plus timestamp camera ( like Brinno )